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I cant. I just cant. 

and bear in the empty library D=

were dead were dead were dead



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I enjoyed that episode of POI, and I understand that they’re setting up future conflicts, but …. it was kinda full of plotholes? No way do I believe the machine is sending Finch et al to kill people. If she wanted to do that, she has Root. Plus, couldn’t Finch just destroy that guy’s political career? You can’t tell me that he couldn’t destroy a man’s reputation in a few keystrokes.

Not necessarily, they did mention that the Machine has evolve and has learned to protect itself (going so far as deceiving the storage and shipping itself away from the dangers, which is how the government lost the Machine) and when Reese asks Harold about the possibility of the Machine asking for murder Harold does say it’s possible. Plus, the Machine sent numbers to help “deal” with terrorist knowing full-well (with that sort of programming we all know it’s fully aware) what they did to the terrorists.

Harold also makes comments that he can’t find anything on the guy; he ran a clean campaign, his wife is aware of the cheating and they have an arrangement on it, and he’s well loved and known by the people making it difficult to soil his image with a “few strokes”. The only thing they have on him is abnormal stocks increase. More than likely the guy would have settled a deal with the press and Congress and kept everything under wraps.

"A House Divided"

"Deus Ex Machina"

idk how to feel about these episodes already

and i still need two weeks before “Beta” airs

some one is mostly likely going to die next episode because root said “24 hours after Samaritan comes online then all three of us are going to die”

Samaritan is going online and it’s looking for finch

i’m going to scream



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